We’re a riot of stories: creating friction, making energy.

We push boundaries, break rules and have a laugh. We like original genre documentaries and fiction. We are embedded in our communities;  we make films with people not about them. We are tenacious, commercially focussed and award-winning.  


The stories we tell shine a light in the shadows; illuminating the times we live in. 

The stories find humour and inspiration within the dark places. They can be found at the  junction where the underground meets mainstream. The stories explore bold and oddball characters of life, finding beautiful in the bizarre.  



Siobhan Fahey set up Riot Productions to produce the feature documentary Rebel Dykes (dir. Harri Shanahan and Sian Williams).   Rebel Dykes is now in the final stages before it’s festival premiere in 2021. Riot Productions co-produced My Loneliness Is Killing Me (dir. Tim Courtney), the first BAFTA Scotland winning short film with a queer theme (2018). Prior to filmmaking, Siobhan was an activist and a promoter. She worked on anti-austerity, minority healthcare and queer freedom campaigns, and ran club nights and festivals. 

Christopher McGill joined the company in 2020, bringing his award-winning experience as a director who has worked across documentary and narrative. Christopher has enjoyed a varied background in participatory filmmaking, activism, theatre and television. Over the past 7 years Christopher has worked as a freelance filmmaker working on commissioned short drama films and documentaries ranging from hard-hitting stories about asylum seekers to queer underground nightlife.

Christopher and Siobhan have produced and directed high quality short films and are now in development with a number of TV and film projects which they are taking forward over the next two years.


Get in touch if you feel your values and ideas fit with ours.  Let's Make Movies!