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Christopher and Siobhan have produced and directed high quality short films and are now in development with a number of TV,  film and art projects which they are taking forward over the next two years.


Get in touch if you feel your values and ideas fit with ours. 


Siobhan Fahey's first short film won a BAFTA Scotland for Best Short in 2018: MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME Dir. Tim Courtnery. Her  first feature film was REBEL DYKES Dir. Harri Shanahan and Siân A. Williams.  It was nominated for Best Feature at BAFTA Scotland 2022.  Since REBEL DYKES premiered in 2021, it has screened at over 100 Film Festivals, including Outfest, BFI Flare, Frameline.  It had a theatrical run in the UK in November 2021.  It was broadcast by Channel 4 in June 2022.  REBEL DYKES has gone on to win Iris Prize Best Feature 2021, Best Documentary Berlin Porn Film Festival 2021 and was nominated for a BIFA 2021.  


This year she has been busy expanding her network and exploring Creative Producing opportunities.  As well as film producing she is exploring podcasts, festivals and community events.  She has launched a cult cinema Film Club and ran her first film festival funded by BFI,  WITCH // HAG Film Festival.


She has attended Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab 2021, Filmonomics 7 Lab 2023, and Curated Places Creative Producer Lab 2023.



Christopher T McGill is an award winning director and producer who has worked across documentary and narrative short films. Christopher has enjoyed a varied background in participatory filmmaking, activism, theatre and television. His latest film IS IT ME was shortlisted for the Grierson Trust award (British Documentary Award) 2021. Christopher has worked on 

commissioned short drama films and documentaries ranging from hard-hitting stories about asylum seekers to queer underground nightlife.


More recently Christopher has been working as a filmmaker, mentor and impact producer on a series of projects including short films exploring the asylum seeking process and life after leave to remain, which have been used by NHS and health professionals around the UK for signposting and raising awareness. He also ran workshops in making impactful, issue based films across Glasgow with disadvantaged young people. 


He was shortlisted for the Scottish Documentary Institute: Bridging the Gap 2021 and attended the FOCUS non-scripted lab 2021. Chris is currently working on his first feature documentary about an activist group operating in Scotland. 

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