Riot Productions  works with communities that are under-represented in the arts especially: women, lesbians, people of colour, wider LGBTQ communities, working class people 


We unearth lost histories, and uncover untold stories


We work with academics, artists, writers, theatre creators, filmmakers to use these stories and histories to create accessible culture that takes these stories to a wider audience 

We Make Art That Matters 

Our first feature documentary

REBEL DYKES is a full length documentary telling the story of a bunch of kickass women in leather jackets who made their own punk bands,  zines and squat in London in the 1980s. They ran sex positive clubs. They were gender-fluid and trans friendly. They worked in the sex industry, or in manual trades, or between the cracks. They lived their politics. They fought and won. 

They were the first generation of sex positive outlaw women, and nothing has been quite the same since.


Film is in production 

Crypsis Poster .jpg

A gay asylum seeker journeys into a queer underground club to get the evidence he needs to prove his sexuality to the authorities. Instead he relives his traumatic past on the dancefloor

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