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Witch // Hag Film Festival 

part of BFI’s IN DREAMS ARE MONSTERS UK-wide horror season

Winter Solstice

Wednesday 1st December 3pm //Thursday 22nd December 3am 

Stereo 22-28 Renfield Ln, Glasgow, G2 5AR 

Basement at Stereo: Pop-Up Cinema 

Upstairs at Stereo: Witch & Hag Bar // DJs // Stalls // Surprises

100 years of Transgressive Feminist Witch Films 

Rebel Queer Film+Club screens grubby queer cult movies in underground Club venues and always accompany our films with some sort of performance and a bit of a boogie.  We are a sociable film club and particularly reach out to people who feel a bit isolated.


Rebel Queer Film+Club began online in 2020 as a way to keep Rebel Dykes around the globe entertained during 1st COVID lockdown.  We had guests including Michele Handelman, Jack Halberstam, Rosie Garland, Guinevere Turner. 

Since August 2022 the club has been running in Glasgow, Scotland.   We run a regular early evening Rebel Queer Film+Club at Bonjour in Glasgow. We also run special party nights at other places around the city and online. Keep an eye on the socials! 

Rebel Queer Film+Club is a #Riotfilm production

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Witch // Hag

Winter Solstice Film Festival 

part of BFI’s IN DREAMS ARE MONSTERS UK-wide horror season

Wednesday 21st December 2022 // 3.30pm - 3.30am

Book Next Day Off Work

Stereo 22-28 Renfield Ln, Glasgow, G2 5AR

100 years of Transgressive Witch Films

// 6 films //

Incl: Häxan (1922) // The Craft (1996) // The Deathless Woman (2019) 

HÄXAN 1922 - Rescore By Dave NULL//VOID

Special Appearance // Burd Ellen // 7.30pm


Basement at Stereo: Pop-Up Cinema

Upstairs at Stereo: Witchy Goth Night with Performers // DJs // Stalls


Individual Films = £5 //£6 // £7,

6 FilmWristband = £21

3 Competition Films = £13

Witches and Hags are ancient archetypes. Myths and tales of witches have been told as long as women have trangressed gender roles.  Historically, the hag was everything that a man feared. She was ugly, she was subversive, and she was powerful.  Anytime a woman transgresses she risks being called a Witch, even now.   The gruesome true history of the witch massacres of Scotland gives this archetype a deep authenticity in the Scottish Psyche.  


The more northern on the globe you are, the more the long dark nights of winter affect you.   Glasgow is a northern european city, located at 55° latitude, as northern as Copenhagen or Moscow.  Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, but it augurs the start of the light. We feel our Solstices in Scotland. 


Cinematically, the witch is undergoing a feminist renaissance.  The witch has now become crucial in spearheading cinematic ideas of feminine empowerment and agency. 


Our screenings are interactive and relaxed; creating friendly, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to watch strange films together.   There are bean bags, comfy seating, hot drinks and snacks and Fidget Toys. Dress Comfy // Witchy // Bring a blanket. 


Creative Programmer // Siobhan Fahey // Riot Films and Rebel Dykes (2021)

 Creative Programmer // Michelle-Claire Hamilton // Chaos Magician

Creative Director //  Maria J. Monteiro // Performer and Director. Femininity, mass-media and pop culture 

Associate Producer //  Christopher McGill // Riot Films

Part of In Dreams Are Monsters: A Season of Horror Films, a UK-wide film season supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network 

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